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With more than 35 years of service, our legacy speaks for itself.

Why Choose Midland Auto Recovery?

Midland Auto Recovery for over 35 years has been serving lending institutions from coast to coast with unparalleled professionalism.

Collateral Repossessions

Full Compliance & Coverage

Reconditioning & Remarketing

With 35 years of service, you can be sure you are working with professionals...

Midland Auto Recovery utilizes Recovery Database System (RDN) for most of its repossessions needs. This software is also free and is available to any client or institution. One of the benefits of using RDN is direct interaction to our office personnel and field agents without paper and or calling. Updates, condition reports and invoices can easily be viewed online and or will be faxed or emailed directly to the client. This minimizes waiting between communications to be minimal! RDN "was formed and designed to facilitate business-to-business electronic commerce between lending institutions and repossessions companies."

Fully Insured & Compliant

We are covered by the ARA 5 million dollar bond as well as 3 million dollar insurance policy.

Secure Collateral Storage

All of our lots are fully fenced, have ample lighting, and 24/7 security cameras.

References Available

Please call us at (803) 786-1580 and we can provide you that reference information.


Midland Auto Recovery now offers the largest and best selection of professional repossession and remarketing services available in the Southeast. These include:

  • Rapid, highly-professional involuntary repossessions
  • Immediate (same-day), courteous voluntary repossessions
  • Standard and special-cut locksmith key services
  • Interactive nationwide skip tracing and recovery network
  • Timely and informative account-status updates from start to recovery
  • Fee-based cash advances for repairs, towing and impounds
  • Digital condition reports promptly faxed or emailed
  • Statewide vehicle storage and release facilities-9 locations
  • Fully-insured, regional vehicle transport services
  • Courteous vehicle re-sale conditioning/preparation services
  • In-house ASE certified-technician vehicle repairs, if needed
  • Worldwide remarketing advertising and vehicle bidding


Midland Auto Recovery covers all of South Carolina. Below are some of the more major population areas we service.

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If you should not find your question here in our frequently asked questions, please feel free to call or email us.

  • Are you like the repossession companies seen on TV?

    Not even close. No lending institution would ever allow their debtors to be filmed on TV. With that said, those shows are 110% fake. We are a professional organization that has been in business for over 35 years and we would like to keep it that way. Professional.

  • You would need to first contact your lender and meet their requirements first before you can receive you car back. We will not release a vehicle to anyone without having received a release request to the buyer or approved person appearing on the paperwork. Your relatives and/or friends are not allowed to pick up the vehicle unless they are specifically mentioned on your lenders release.

  • Please contact us and we will arrange a time for you to retrieve your personal effects. As with a vehicle redemption, we can only release the items to the people mentioned on the original repossession order. If you are requesting someone else to retrieve your personal items, you would have to clear this with your lender and then we would need documentation from them verifying your third party is able to retrieve your items.

  • The State of South Carolina mandates that a debtor has ## days to redeem their vehicle.

  • The State of South Carolina mandates that a debtor has ## days to redeem their personal items.

  • Please contact your lender and advise that them that you wish to do a Voluntary Surrender.

  • Please call us at (803) 786-1580. Please note, due to strict privacy rules, that we will not be able to confirm any identifying information for which you provide us.


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